Restoration Classes

Have You ever been Hurt?

Come experience the healing power of Jesus Christ in our 12 week Restoration Class.

Restoration Staff believes God has answers for each and every person, no matter what has happened in the past. Restoration classes are offered at Christ’s Center all year round. The course is a total of 12 weeks long, and classes meet twice a week.

Restoration, which began at Christ’s Center in 1987, has helped thousands of believers overcome hurt and bondage and find the true freedom they were created for in Christ. Today, Restoration courses are offered in many places all around the United States and beyond.

At Christ’s Center, we consider Restoration to be one of our strongest elements. All of our leaders have gone through the course, and all have found valuable insights into their own lives and ministries. No matter what stage of life you are in, or how long you have walked with God, we guarantee you can benefit greatly from this terrific class!

Pastor Ed Glaspey (center), who founded the ministry twenty-three years ago along with his wife Mona, continues to direct the ministry from Christ’s Center Church.

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